We are proudly transitioning to a circular restaurant. This means we take sustainability very seriously and we act accordingly. That’s why we partner with the following companies and organizations.


The Institute of Circular Economics is a non-governmental non-profit organization that focuses on innovative environmental management. Together with its partners, it works on projects that enable the transition from a linear to a circular system. We are currently consulting with them on the best practices of circular economics, especially regarding waste management.


A socially beneficial enterprise that helps people, businesses, restaurants and other organizations to sort organic waste, compost, and grow in the city. It creates gardens and supports local communities where not only plants but also relationships are grown. Kokoza’s integration workshop has also established our garden, and thanks to them we also have an electric composter, which takes care of our organic waste, turning it into first-class compost.

Biochar Foundation

In partnership with Prauhel, they produced for us the first mini kontiki of its kind, so we can produce biochar at a small scale and use it for demonstration purposes as well as on our plants.

In addition to that we are working together on the development of the pyro-grill. A grill that will be able to cook and produce biochar at the same time.


A packaging design studio that is working intensively to redefine packaging as we now know it. BH believes that sustainability goes hand in hand with both viability and profitability. They achieve a deeper meaning, among other things, through the ethical standards of their business.We are currently working with BH to create a gift set that helps illuminate and spread our mission.

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